About The Gym

About Magic City Rock Gym

With our 14,000+ square foot climbing facility, Magic City Rock Gym is South Florida’s premiere training facility for rock climbing athletes and enthusiasts and has served the rock climbing community here since 1997!

Our grand reopening in October 2019 with our new name shows off our love and pride for Miami, but we’ve been fostering the sport of climbing in this very location for over two decades!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner to the sport or an experienced crusher, you’ll find that our USA Climbing Certified Routesetters combine their outdoor climbing experience, a variety of hold shapes, and our diverse wall geometry – vertical, inclined, overhanging, or multi-faceted – provide motivation for climbers of every level!

And that’s what’s great about our facility – more of a gym than just an activity center – it’s where you can escape the mundane and boring workout that you’d get out of traditional fitness centers – and you don’t even have to rely on a partner!

No climbing gear? No problem! Rental gear is available, or you can invest in your own gear – and we can help you avoid some of the challenges that come from online shopping with advice from passionate climbers on our staff in our Pro Shop!

Climbing Disciplines You Can Train at MCRG

Bouldering – Indoors, this simulates climbing a really large rock (or boulder) and is generally done at lesser heights but is by NO MEANS “Climbing, Jr.” It’s a great way to develop overall strength and body awareness, and all you’d need is a pair of climbing shoes and maybe some chalk for sweaty hands!

Top Rope – Climb our taller walls with the security of a rope that is anchored at the top of the wall. This is done with a partner who stays on the ground, using equipment and appropriate technique to take up the slack in the rope while the climber climbs.

Should the climber slip from the holds or need to take a break, the person on the ground would have no trouble holding them in place. 

Use of top ropes while climbing requires training. Classes are available on a schedule!

Auto-Belay – Don’t have a partner? That’s ok! We have many lanes in our gym with devices anchored at the top that will take up the slack for you and lower you down slowly to the ground when you let go of the wall! 

Participate in a brief orientation – takes about 5 minutes – to learn our facility’s use routine and you’re ready to go! Orientations are held every 30 minutes, and are required even if you’ve used them in other facilities before – it’s not that they’re hard to use, but what we want all new people coming through the door seeing you do before and during your use of them.

Lead Climbing – Another aspect of roped climbing with a partner – this is where, rather than having a rope anchored at the top, you’ll be clipping your rope into anchors along the wall as you climb.

This is absolutely not for beginners and all climbers wishing to lead climb within Magic City Rock Gym must pass an evaluation. No exceptions. Even participation in training for lead climbing requires a minimum time in consistent training, and a minimum grade you can climb comfortably. 

What Else Can You Do Here?

Our Yoga program is a terrific compliment to those wishing to excel in the sport of rock climbing or even just for those who want a strong body, mind, and spirit.

Our upstairs Fitness Center (open to Members only) sports a variety of resistance and cardio training options!

Host a Birthday Party or other Group Event! Enjoy a dedicated gathering space to celebrate your get together after climbing! 



13972 SW 139 Ct
Miami, FL 33186

Easily found behind the West Kendall Lexus Dealership, south of the Miami Executive Airport

Phone: (305) 233-6623


Mon - Thurs | 11a - 10p

Friday | 11a - 11p

Saturday | 10a - 10p

Sunday | 10a - 8p

Facility Waiver

EVERYONE entering our facility must complete a waiver whether climbing or not.
No exceptions. Climbers under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.

The gym will be open with regular hours on
Monday, January 20th (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)